Handcrafted ice cream mooncakes!


What started as an experiment to satisfy our craving for mochi ice cream 4 years ago, has now become a seasonal staple. By giving this traditional delicacy a modern twist; combining the soft, chewy snow skin with creamy, smooth ice cream, we were sure Malaysians from all walks of life would enjoy these seasonal handcrafted beauties. 

This year, we're bringing back our 3 best-selling mooncake flavours and an all new flavour that's sure to win everyone's hearts (and stomachs!).

4 exciting ice cream mooncake flavours!

Durian with Chocolate Yolk
The must-have flavour at Inside Scoop. Our pungent Durian ice cream is balanced with a dark chocolate ganache center and wrapped in snow skin.
Rocher with Crunchy Base
A crowd favourite flavour! Our Rocher ice cream sits on top of a crunchy nutty base, covered with white chocolate shell in a velvet-sprayed finish.
Unicorn with Raspberry Yolk
A refreshing combination of raspberry yoghurt and blue pea flower ice cream with a raspberry yolk centre, wrapped in snow skin. As magical as it gets!
Caramel Biscuit with Chocolate Salted Caramel Yolk (*NEW*)
Lotus Biscoff caramel biscuit ice cream is paired with a chocolate salted caramel yolk, encased in a velvet-sprayed white chocolate shell.

 4-piece Ice Cream Mooncake Box

Our 4-piece mooncake box has something for everyone; it's perfect for gifting, sharing and parties!
You get:
1x Durian
1x Rocher
1x Unicorn
1x Caramel Biscuit

2-piece Ice Cream Mooncake Box

Our 2-piece mooncake box is perfect for gifting or to have it all by yourself!

You get:
1x Rocher
1x Unicorn 

Supermoon Ice Cream Mooncake

When it comes to dessert, our philosophy is go BIG and go home. This time, go home with our Supermoon! This oversized decadence is a must-have this Mid Autumn.
Get this super-sized, bigger-than-your-face, 7.5-inch snow skin mooncake, aptly called the Supermoon, for all your get-togethers. What's even better is that the Supermoon is made of our ultra-creamy, double premium Pistachio ice cream (from Sicily, Italy!) with a raspberry jelly center. A must-have this season!

Ice Cream Mooncake DIY Kit

Are you up for a challenge like no other and think you got what it takes to make a good-lookin' ice cream mooncake? The #insidescoopmooncakechallenge is the ultimate test on agility! Make your own snow skin ice cream mooncake and test how good you are with your hands with our Mooncake DIY Kit. If you think you've got this, have an ultimate showdown with a friend or family. We're not responsible for any emotional damage incurred!
Each kit comes with all the ingredients you'll need except cold water (and yes, including the utensils needed) and a how-to guide! All ingredients, including 6 different ice cream flavours have been scaled, packed and sealed for you to make it on your own!

Each mooncake DIY kit yields 6 pieces of snow skin mooncakes.
What do you get in the DIY Kit?
1 x Cooler Bag
1 x Mung Bean flour
1 x Icing Sugar
2 x Corn flour
1 x Vegetable shortening
1 x Wooden rolling pin
1 x Mooncake mould
1 x Brush
6 x Mooncake trays
6 x Single Scoop Ice Cream cups
- Valrhona Chocolate
- Vanilla Bean
- Mint Chocolate Chip
- Cookies and Cream
- Mango Sorbet
- Teh Tarik
1 x Recipe Card
1 x Knife Set

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