Bridging Generations with our Ice Cream Mooncakes!

Mid-Autumn festival is often celebrated by generations of three (sometimes 4!) in a family. Beyond lighting up lanterns and eating mooncakes, celebrants gather with their families to grow strong ties and keep traditions alive.

Inspired by the Mid Autumn-filled nostalgia that sparks a desire to connect the past and the future, to marry tradition and modernity, our handcrafted ice cream mooncakes are made with snow skin and chocolate shell! 

Chocolate Orange Pop
Filled with 70% Belgian dark chocolate ice cream with popping candy, this mooncake features an orange jam yolk, finished with Valrhona Inspiration Raspberry chocolate velvet spray on a dark chocolate shell. 

Peanut Sesame
Just like Yin & Yang, our velvety peanut ice cream is dotted with a black sesame ganache centre. Made with caramel chocolate shell, this mooncake sits on a feuilletine base. 

Made to look like the real thing, our richest signature Durian ice cream is carefully wrapped with green snow skin, accentuated by a chocolate ganache centre. 

The most refreshing of all, this mooncake features the magical Unicorn ice cream (raspberry yoghurt and blue pea flower ice cream) with a tangy raspberry jelly centre. It is then covered with a white mochi-like snow skin. 

4-piece mooncake box
The best mooncake box in town! Best for sharing and gifting it to your loved ones.
You get:
1x Durian
1x Peanut Sesame 
1x Chocolate Orange Pop 
1x Unicorn 

2-piece mooncake box (Chocolate Orange Pop + Unicorn)
A perfect set for a personalized gift to someone special, including yourself!
You get:
1x Chocolate Orange Pop 
1x Unicorn 

2-piece mooncake box (Chocolate Orange Pop + Peanut Sesame)
A mooncake box dedicated for all chocolate shell lovers! 
You get:
1x Chocolate Orange Pop 
1x Peanut Sesame



Available in-stores, online store, and on Grab Food. 

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