Now everyone can make ice cream mooncakes!

Festive Mooncake

In the spirit of all you budding chefs during MCO, we came up with a ice cream mooncake DIY kit!

The #insidescoopmooncakechallenge is the ultimate test on agility! Make your own snow skin ice cream mooncake and test how good you are with your hands with our mooncake DIY kit. If you think you've got this, have an ultimate showdown with a friend or family. We're not responsible for any emotional damage incurred!

Each kit comes with all the ingredients you'll need and a recipe card or you can also refer to the video above! All ingredients, including 6 different ice cream flavours, have been scaled, packed and sealed for you to make it on your own!
Check out the ice cream mooncake DIY kit tutorial video above, it's easy peasy. Each kit would yield 6 pieces of ice cream snow skin mooncakes.
What do you get in the DIY Kit?
1 x Cooler Bag
1 x Mung Bean flour
1 x Icing Sugar
2 x Corn flour
1 x Vegetable shortening
1 x Wooden rolling pin
1 x Mooncake mould
1 x Brush
6 x Mooncake trays
6 x Single Scoop Ice Cream cups
  • Valrhona Chocolate
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Mango Sorbet
  • Teh Tarik
1 x Recipe Card
1 x Knife Set
Good luck!

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