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5 Types of Lovers Based on Your Favourite Sorbets!

Do you have a better half? Or pursuing a fling? Or as aunties like to ask during family gatherings “Got boyplen/girlplen ady ah?” Well, whether you have one or not, read on to see if we have guessed your type of or-Bae.

By the way, all of Inside Scoop’s Sorbets are perfect for vegans and lactose-intolerant peeps as they are non-dairy (no eggs, milk, cream) and thus, making them guilt-free! So, dig into a whole pint as much as you desire!

The Chill Chill: Inside Scoop Mango Sorbet

Do you enjoy the simpler things in life, like perhaps a thirst quenching mango sorbet? Well, we can guess that your partner (or dream partner) is someone who is equally a super chill person! Like Inside Scoop’s Mango Sorbet, which is made from with sweet Alphonso mangoes (don’t play play, these mangoes are also known as the King of Mangoes!), they are well liked, as bright as sunshine and are often seen as being suited to almost any sort of crowd. They are the type who will probably be okay with any kind of activity you want to do, shopping, hiking, pottery classes and even being used as a canvas for you to practice makeup on!

The Class Clown: Inside Scoop Nutty Banana Sorbet

Ever watch Friends and think, I would like to date a guy like Chandler? Well, if you like the Chan-Chan Man, you are probably a fan of Inside Scoop’s Nutty Banana Sorbet and we can easily assume you like class clowns. Inside Scoop’s Nutty Banana Sorbet is made with pisang berangan with pops of peanut butter cups and is defo a welcomed burst of joy to an otherwise drab day. This type of sor-baes is basically a walking pick me up and unlike Chandler, they can give great advice. Plus, you can count on them to put a positive spin on a bad situation.

The Foodie: Inside Scoop Genmaicha Sorbet

The hall of fame partners A.K.A The Foodies. They can be rather picky with their food only because they know where the best ones are and when they find the ones they like, everything (and everyone) else, pales in comparison (so romantic, kan?). Inside Scoop’s Genmaicha Sorbet features Niko Neko’s roasted brown rice green tea – basically green tea with that extra ommph of Umami sweetness and toasty richness. Just like the sorbet, this type of foodie sor-baes has that extra kick and are super adventurous to try new things and luckily for you, they will probably take you along on their mouth-watering adventurous. The best part? If you ask them what they want to eat, they will never say “I don’t know, you pick” because they will always know.

The Jocks: Inside Scoop Cacaonut Sorbet

A fan of Inside Scoop’s Cacaonut Sorbet? We don’t blame you! Made with fresh coconut milk and loads of heavenly raw cacao nibs from Sungai Ruan, they are a delightful guilt free treat as it is dairy-free and fat-free (like all of Inside Scoop Sorbets) – great for vegans and lactose-intolerant folks. Which is probably why your partner (or ideal partner) is The Jock A.K.A the kaki gym. They are always on some new diet and are always sharing tips and tricks on how to stay fit! They are early risers and are awesome cooks as well. They are almost always seen in gym clothes (not that we are complaining *drool*) and you can always expect to see a selfie at the end of the session which let’s be honest, makes you want to get up and workout as well.

The Influencer: Inside Scoop Raspberry Sorbet

Like Inside Scoop’s Raspberry Sorbet, a partner like this stands out in a crowd and is usually at the centre of attention. They are charismatic all about that #PositiveVibesOnly life. Their fashion sense is always on point and you know something is wrong when there isn’t a #ootd post on their Instagram. But like the raspberry sorbet, they can come off a little strong to others at first but when you really get to know them, they are the sweetest people around and are always in tune to what you want and need.

Did we knock any of these out of the park or were we at least close? Well, if we weren’t, tell us what your fave sorbet is and what kind of person your partner is like on #InsideScoopSorbaes! And if you haven’t tried our milk-free, cream-free, eggs-free, gluten-free and guilt-free (hahaha, isn’t that a mouthful) sorbets yet, you are missing out and we can’t have that, so head on over to an Inside Scoop store near you or order through Grab. Happy sharing your sorbets with your sor-baes!

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