NEXT DAY DELIVERY available before 5pm, FREE DELIVERY with minimum spend of RM180.


Do you have free delivery?+

Yes, we do! We provide free delivery for all orders amounting to RM180 and above! Just key in promo code FREEDEL upon checkout. Free delivery is only valid for orders with cakes, pints and mooncakes. Free delivery is not valid for e-Gifts.

Where do you deliver?+

We deliver to selected areas in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya. If we don’t have delivery coverage in your area, just drop us an email here and we’ll see if we can help you!

Do you deliver out of Klang Valley?+

Sorry, I'm afraid we do not have delivery coverage out of the Klang Valley region.

What are your delivery hours?+

We have 2 delivery slots: 1pm – 4pm and 4pm – 7pm only.

How much is delivery?+

There is a standard RM10 fee for all orders below RM180. If your order comes up to RM180 and above on a single transaction, just key in promo code FREEDEL and you'll get free delivery! Should delivery be attempted to the specified delivery address and the receiver is uncontactable, an additional fee of RM30 will be charged for re-delivery.

Will you pass the tax receipt to the recipient upon delivery?+

We will not disclose the receipt of the purchase to recipient. The receipt will be sent to the buyer’s email.

Do you deliver every day?+

Yes, we do deliver every day, including Public Holidays!

Can you deliver outside of your delivery areas?+

Sorry! We are not able to confirm delivery out of the coverage area due to the nature of our products. If we don’t have delivery coverage in your area, just drop us an email here and we’ll see if we can help you!


Are you halal certified?+

Yes, our central kitchen is a halal-compliant facility. Most of our ice cream and ice cream cakes are certified halal by JAKIM. We still have a few flavours and products that are pending Halal certification (but all are made using halal ingredients and made in a halal-compliant facility) and we expect all our products to be certified halal by year end.

How do I check for allergens?+

All allergens are under the product details. Just click on the specific item (ice cream and ice cream cakes) to see if it contains dairy, egg, wheat, soy, nuts, treenuts and fish gelatine. However, all our products may contain traces of allergens that may not be listed under product details as it is produced and served using common equipment.

How big are your ice cream cakes?+

We have cakes in all shapes and sizes! Our ice cream cakes are between 5 - 7 inches. You can check out each ice cream cake’s size and weight under the product details.

Can I write a message on the ice cream cake?+

Sorry! We are not able to write a message on the ice cream cakes. Fret not, there is an option for a handwritten message card. Just write your message as you make your order and we’ll be sure it gets conveyed!

Can I customize my ice cream cake?+

Sorry, all our ice cream cakes flavours and designs are fixed.

I received my ice cream cake and it looks different from the pictures on your social media/website.+

Our ice cream cakes are handmade by our pastry team so there may be slight variations. However, if the ice cream cakes looks too different on the outside and inside, do take a photo and let us know via email here as soon as possible so we can look into it further.

Do you provide dry ice with my pick up and delivery?+

Sorry, I’m afraid we do not provide dry ice with your order. All our ice cream pints and ice cream cakes come with an Inside Scoop cooler bag which will last you about 20 minutes (for ice cream pints) and 45 minutes (for ice cream cakes) for your journey, depending on the environment.

How long can my ice cream pints and cakes last once I've picked it up from the outlet?+

The ice cream pints can last about 20 minutes in the Inside Scoop cooler bag, while the ice cream cakes can last in the Inside Scoop cooler bag for about 45 minutes only, depending on the environment. So, hurry back home and store it in your freezer!

Should I refrigerate my ice cream cake upon delivery?+

All our ice cream cakes MUST be stored in the freezer, not the refrigerator. Otherwise, your ice cream in the cake will melt, and we would be sad you wouldn’t get to enjoy it!


How does the e-Gift work?+

Easy peasy! If you’re looking to send someone an e-Gift, just choose which e-Gift value you’d like to gift and proceed to complete your order. You (sender) will receive an email with the e-Gift link, and you can share the link with the recipient to redeem the e-Gift at our online store.

What denominations do the e-Gifts come in?+

They come in denominations of RM20, RM50 and RM100.

What products can be redeemed with the e-Gift?+

The e-Gift can be used for any items on our online store only, subject to availability of item upon order. If the item price exceeds the amount of the e-Gift, the e-Gift holder will need to pay for the balance amount for it. If the item price is less than the amount of the e-Gift, we will not reimburse the unused value in the e-Gift.

How long is the e-Gift valid for?+

The e-Gift is valid for 6 months. The expiration date is stated on the e-Gift email that you will receive upon purchase!

Can I add an e-Gift to my order to qualify for free delivery?+

Sorry! e-Gifts do not qualify for free delivery for orders amounting to RM180 and above.


Can I get my ice cream and ice cream cakes on the day of purchase?+

Sorry, we need 3 days (including Public Holidays and weekends) to process your order. But if you’re looking to get something immediately, just give your nearest outlet a call here to reserve! Just visit Our Locations.

Will you disclose my identity to the recipient if it's gift?+

We will not disclose sender's information to the recipient unless the recipient insists on knowing for safety reasons.

Where can I pick up my order from?+

You can pick up your order from any of our outlets, except B.I.G. Publika and B.I.G. IPC Shopping Center. Just visit Our Locations to check out the outlet locations.

How long does it take before I can get my hands on my order?+

All our items require a 3-day advance order, which includes the order day and weekends. For instance, if you make your purchase on a Saturday, the delivery or pickup will be available Tuesday onwards.

How would I know if my order is confirmed at my specified date and time slot?+

An order confirmation email will be sent to your inbox with your order details. Please make sure to check your Spam or Junk Folder if you have not received our order confirmation upon purchase.

Can I send ice cream pints and ice cream cakes to family and friends as gifts?+

Sure thing! Just put in the recipient details in your order, along with a personal message and we’ll take care of the rest!

Do you provide big and small candles for the ice cream cakes?+

Yes, we do! You can select how many big and small candles you’d like with the order. As an add-on, we also have sparkler.