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Celebrating The Person with a Heart of Gold - Mom!

Our mom has a rotan, some crazy 6th sense and...a heart of gold ❤️ When she's not chasing us with the rotan (or hanger!), we know she's busy searching for Tupperware deals online or forwarding "Good Morning" posts to us. Still, our mom means the world to us!

This Mother's Day, surprise her highness with a Heart of Gold ice cream cake that she will never forget 😁 and hide the rotan far away from her!

Heart of Gold

Perfect for your Mother's Day celebration, this ice cream cake features a creamy combination of Vanilla Bean and Strawberries and Cream ice cream, with a raspberry jelly layer in the centre. Sitting on top of a white-chocolate crumble base, this beauty of a cake is coated with Valrhona Inspiration Passionfruit chocolate velvet-spray.    

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