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An Ice Cream Cake for Everybody!

You’ve heard of what kind of bread fits your personality, just wait till you discover which ice cream cake fits you 😉

Level up your celebration with an ice cream cake! Find out which ice cream cake is your spirit a̶n̶i̶m̶a̶l̶  cake!

1. You're an old soul who absolutely love paperback books and still jam to Britney Spears!

Just like our decadent Rocher cake, it is timeless and will never go out of style! Our supersize cake features Rocher ice cream coated in milk chocolate mousse. It is glazed with milk chocolate and peanut chunks for that extra crunch! We mean … Oops! We did it again!

2. You are always keeping up with the latest TikTok dances and what’s bussssin’ currently! Sheeeeesh

Quite literally the Gen Z of cakes! Our Biscoff Cheesecake is made with so much love and Biscoff crumbs! It sits atop a crumble base and topped with salted caramel mousse and MORE Lotus Biscoff biscuits! Really, why you so obsessed with me I really wanna know?!

 3. You are an introvert who can easily survive the many versions of MCO?

Our Signature cake comes in Valrhona Chocolate and Vanilla Bean with alternating layers of sponge cake! This masterpiece is then coated in whipped cream and glazed with chocolate. Well, do we need to say anything more? You can spend your days at home with our signature cake!

4. You are always dreamy and building castles in the clouds!

You’re a dreamer – catching your dreams … in dreamland! Our dreamy Mermaid’s Tale cake is handcrafted with Unicorn and Blueberry Yoghurt, with a layer of raspberry jelly. Our beautiful cake sits on white chocolate crumble and vanilla sponge base, covered with white chocolate shell. A perfect cake for all the unicorn and mermaid believers! #DontStopBelievin’

5. You’re smol but you have an attitude of a cili padi!

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! You’re always making a grand entrance like Bombe Alaska! Make way for our best-selling cake – the Durian and Valrhona Chocolate power couple. It is covered with lightly torched meringue on top of a crunchy peanut base! Just like the saying, tiny but mighty!

6. You are very keen to details and appreciate the small things in life!

This cake is definitely not your plain Jane! Coated in whipped cream and glazed with white chocolate, our Rose cake is crafted with Valrhona Chocolate and Vanilla Bean ice cream alternate between layers of sponge cake. This beautiful cake is topped with a delicate rose design (its namesake!) and chocolate squares.