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5 Inside Scoop Ice Cream Flavours for the Type of Malaysian You Are!

Inside Scoop has some pretty great flavours to choose from *tooting own horn loudly*. Since we have 70 flavours, it can be pretty hard to pick. So, here’s a list of 5 flavours that best describes the Malaysian you are. Read on and see if you are any of these Malaysian heroes!

(1) Malaysians who actually uses their signal lights: Inside Scoop Unicorn Ice Cream

Here’s a breed of Malaysians that we love! Those who understand that the little stick behind their steering wheel is not just for decoration. Let’s be real, you guys are like the Inside Scoop’s Unicorn ice cream; unique, sparkly, and stops traffic (as and when needed)! So, if you are the type to actually use your signal or at least say sorry when you forget to signal, pat yourself on the back and get yourself a scoop of creamy, luscious ice cream streaked with raspberry yoghurt and blue peaflower with a dash of rainbow sprinkles. Stay awesome, ‘cause you da’ real MVP of the roads!

(2) Malaysians who tell you where they're parked when you're looking for parking: Inside Scoop Kopi Peng Ice Cream

Now, over here is a rare sighting of what we would like to call the Kopi Peng of humans. Bold, strong and absolutely (and always!) a welcomed pick me up any time of the day – like elusive parking spots! They know how to turn you on – by directing you to their parking spot (oh man, so sexy!). And the best thing is, they don’t dawdle in the car (be still, my caffeinated heart!). You guys are cool beans and trust us when we say that if you actually do this, we believe the Gods of Parking will forever bestow to you the best spots that are right next to the entrance.

(3) Malaysians who return shopping trolleys back to the bay: Inside Scoop Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Before you guys says “Got people who do that, meh?”. Yes. Memang ada. We have seen it! These guys are like Inside Scoop’s Peanut Buttercup ice cream. You don’t notice them at first, but when you do see them, it’s like finding a four-leaf clover, or in this case, a yummy, gooey chunk of chocolate peanut buttercup in your mouthful of ice cream. They are your knights in shining armour because they will never leave a trolley in a parking spot and berajin to put them into their proper places. Plus, it’s just so comforting to be around them, because you know they got those rampant carts (please, don’t take them for granted though!). *slow clap* ya’ll are dang chun, weh.

(4) Malaysians who share the best places to makan : Inside Scoop Onde Onde Ice Cream

These are our favourite kind of people to hang out with because they are just so much fun and they know where all the good makan places are! Like onde-onde, the dessert that keeps on giving when you bite into that caramelly gula melaka goodness, these Malaysians are just full of sweet surprises. They are major foodies and they are always on the prowl for delicious bites (and often at surprisingly cheap prices) and then they make sure to come back to spread the word. Keep on sharing the food love, you awesome people!

(5) Malaysians who brings extra snacks to the office for everyone : Inside Scoop Durian Ice Cream

Here is another gem of a gang! They go on holidays, a trip to their hometown or even just on a random day, they will come into the office bearing food for everyone. These guys are like Inside Scoop’s Durian ice cream. Beloved by many, scorned by a few (mostly those who are on a diet), they waltz into a mundane workday and instantly the environment is abuzz with excitement! Their cubicle is now a rumah terbuka throughout the day. Don’t fret if you have the munchies during teatime; pop over to that glorious smelling cubicle and they will have something on hand.

* * *

Did you fit any of the above? If not, then you gotta take a hard look on the mirror… But If you did, tell us what it was on #InsideScoopFlavours and then head on out to try your flavour! Get your pints now at any one of our stores near you or even order through Grab.

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