Rocher Ice Cream Cake
Rocher Ice Cream Cake

Rocher Ice Cream Cake

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Our decadent Rocher ice cream coated in milk chocolate mousse and glazed with milk chocolate and peanut chunks. 

6 inch
6 - 10 persons
1.0 kg
Nuts, treenuts, eggs, dairy, wheat, soy

Items Provided

* Reusable cooler bag
* Handwritten message card
* Birthday tag
* 1 x gold candle
* Knife

Cake Care

* Store your ice cream cake in the FREEZER! 
* Cake can last 45 minutes in our cooler bag, outside the freezer. We do not provide dry ice, sorry!
* Allow cake to sit for 3-5 minutes before serving.
* Should you prefer using your own kitchen knife, dip knife blade into warm water and make sure to wipe dry before slicing.


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