Celebrating The Person with a Heart of Gold - Mom!

Our mom has a rotan, some crazy 6th sense and...a heart of gold ❤️ When she's not chasing us wit...READ MORE

Moonlight Moreh Buffet

This Ramadan, make your moreh sesh with your family and friends more lit with a Moonlight Moreh ...READ MORE


You'll never wake up too late for breakfast ever again! *hits snooze*. Breakfast is our favourite (except the morning part) and it's now served ALL DAY!
An Ox-picious Lunar New Year!

Reunion means differently this year, but there is nothing ice cream cannot fix. Celebrate a different CNY, hopefully a sweeter one this year.
Free Mini Scoop on 11 May!

Get a free mini scoop on us this 11 May, Tuesday! Nothing fun ever happens on the 2nd Tuesday of ...READ MORE